Friday, March 31, 2006

K-MeleonCCF 0.05.3

All credits go to Dorian for his excellent work.

[Release Notes]

(features other than K-MeleonSM1.0b6)

Fix: Menu misaligned with bmpmenu. Main menu MUST use bmpmenu(top) in menus.cfg
Fix: Leak in permission manager.
Fix: Crash when sorting bookmarks or hotlist.
Fix: Opening url from yahoo messenger doesn't work #808
Fix: New window open in background when opened by external app.
Add: The Ctrl+-> and Ctrl+<- function works with Google result now.

Fix: Focus memory.
Fix: Duplicate icons in the icons cache.
Fix: "Save link as..." ignore extension when no content type.
Fix: Server initiated downloads stall other downloads #752
Fix: Popup icon notification staying in the status bar.
Fix: Crash when right clicking after stopping navigation.
Fix: Crash with dirname macro function.
Fix: ID_NAV_RELOAD bypassing cache like ID_NAV_FORCE_RELOAD
Fix: Focus not restored correctly after minimizing the browser
Fix: Default cancel button for generic dialog (bug related #193, #238)
Fix: Status bar left empty
Fix: K-meleon saves compressed file as .htm #687
Fix: Page setup, scaling not working because shrink to fit is always set.
Fix: When in printpreview, page setup doesn't update the preview.
Fix: Default margin in print setup was set to 0 instead of 0,5.
Fix: Closing the download window after clicking open.
Fix: Process don't exist after closing the last window (download leak).
Fix: Save As suggest html when an http error occur.
Fix: High CPU usage.
Fix: Tab key navigation (between view, urlbar and findbar).*
Fix: IME fix for bookmark (Mark307)
Fix: Cache location (previously misplaced in %APPDATA%\Local Settings\Mozilla\).
Fix: password in url could be stored in MRU list or Iconcache.dat (be sure to delete it if you used one).
Fix: Throbber missing when using a skin located in the profile.
Fix: saveDir can't be modified.
Fix: Improved charset menu.
Fix: Rare crash with getclipboard macro.
Fix: Rare case where the clipboard was keep open. (probably #792)
Fix: gestures fixes.
Fix: macro getpref can crash k-meleon if the pref data is too long.
Fix: privacy bar image button.
Fix: fullscreen fix.
Fix: K-meleon start without a profile if the profile is locked
Fix: "Save as" now suggest the title for the filename only for web page.
Fix: history leaks.
Fix: XUL Dialog not closing when opened by another xul dialog (modality behavior is now removed).
Add: kmeleon.display.title
Add: Highlight button for the findbar
Macro: Unicode support for NT OS
Macro: new urlencode function
Macro: new global vars $URLBAR, $CHARSET, $TextZoom, $SelectedText
Loader: faster and extreme setting removed from core.