Tuesday, November 20, 2007

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.08 Beta2

[Release Notes]

+ Several lua macros rewritten not using utils plugin anymore.
+ Remove of utils plugin
+ fixes on some bugs on groups and ad-filter
+ gesture plugin add new functions: force all links to open in new tab or backgroud tab and force drag and drop open in new tab or background tab, can be changed using icons on status bar
+ Ad-filter now support block css from specific domain
+ Ad-filter now has a text "UserContent" blocker which support block rules like "/ads/" to easily remove ads from web pages
+ Change the font in preference to make it a little nicer
+ Fix the error when openning external links when set as default browser
+ kmplus to v0.06, Thanks to mark307
+ Preference will be centered when openning
+ Fix bugs in searchbar, now searchbar can be set correctly to open results in new tab or background tab
+ Right click Undo button will give "Edit" menu
+ Fix one bug when overwrite install from previous versions
+ Backspace should work with "ID_NAV_BACK" command