Thursday, April 28, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR9

A little update to my previous PR8

[Release Notes]
* Fix of close button in some themes
* A little change of trimmed chrome by Guenter. Thanks Guenter
* Change of back.bmp in Tang theme by Guenter
* Fix of the mimetype editor by Guenter.

Download Address:

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR8a

You can forget my previous thread now. I add one more useful function in my version here.

[Release Notes]

+ Clear Ad Function Added.
You can choose from menu -> Ad Block -> Clear Ad.
This function can clear:
* It removes all Flash content, and all banner ads provided they are in one of the standard formats (468*60, 125*125, etc.). Also, scrolling marquees are removed, all gif animation is stopped, and background music is killed.
* Specifically targeted at removing Geocities ads
* Removes IntelliTxt, which is formatted text that displays an advertisement when you move the mouse over it.
* Removes mouse trails - the incredibly annoying effect of text or graphics that follows your mouse around the page.

And this function could be chosen to run automatically everytime when the web page is loading. You can set this from menu -> Ad Block -> Clear Ad-

Downlaod Address

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR8

[Release Notes]

+ Auto Scroll Function added
From menu->View->Autoscroll, you can choose speed from very slow to very fast. And you can also select speed from 0 to 8.

+ Count selected words function added
You can select words and count these words

+ Open options add Open links in new layer
Enable this option will make all the link in the webpage opend in the new window

Download Address:
K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR8

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

[推荐使用] K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR7

Thank you for Fred's kind help to me to resolve the History plugin's problem in my version. Now I give out this version with history plugin working.

Release Notes
* History Plugin now works. Thanks Fred.
+ Add back Browsing Options in Options menu.
+ Several small javascript widgets added (From Menu->View)
1. Hide Visited Links
2. Clear Background Color in the page
3. Clear Images in the page

Download Address:

[Release Notes]

* 历史插件可以正常工作了
* 继续精简了Chrome
+ 增加Hide Visited Links(隐藏访问过的链结)功能
+ 增加Clear Background Colors(清除网页背景颜色)功能
+ 增加Clear Images(清除当前网页图片)功能


K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR7

Monday, April 25, 2005

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR6

Since the Gecko 1.7.8 Nightly is out, I did several updates with my version. I put recommend in front cause this version can be said pretty neat.

[Release Notes]
* Static Build
* Gecko 1.7.8 Nightly
* Modified trimmed chrome by Guenter
* Trimmed components folder

From my test, this version is faster than PR5. Hope you will like it.
BTW, download size is much smaller than PR5.

K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR6

New Chrome availabe. [Thank you Guenter]

Guenter made a update with his wonderful trimmed chrome. And now people can update it with ease. I will make a new release along this new chrome,

You can download it here:
1.7.7 new chrome

Thursday, April 21, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR5

I just updated the latest GRE 1.7.7 and incorporated some new themes including the Tang theme. I don't have time to trim the chrome right now and probably will do it later. So forgive the a little bigger downloading size.

[Release Notes]
* GRE upgrade
* Theme added
Pinball, Phoenity, Tang
* The history xul should work in this version

Download address:

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

[Theme Download] Tang Dynasty Rhythm

As I promised a few weeks before, you can download this wonderful Chinese Style theme from here,

Many thanks to Sleepboy who transfered this artistic theme from Maxthon/MyIE2 to K-Meleon. He is also a very great K-Meleon user.

Also thanks to the original creator of this theme.

A screenshot for this theme is availabe here:

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR4

This is a small upgrade to my previous version. You may not need to update.

[Release Notes]
* Compressed .exe file using UPX to make it down to less than 300Kb.
* Trimmed components and Chrome folder to decrease download size
+ More Advanced Ad Block function added including,
(From Options->Ad Block menus)
--------- Black List
--------- White List
--------- Web page style
--------- Some default settings
--------- (hostperm.1 trick still work)
+ "Add image to Black list" menu item added to right click menu on the image
* Fixed mimetype bug from Guenter
+ Add find in history menu item (Thank you Fred)

Download Address

Friday, April 08, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.020 PR3

This is an upgrade to my former 0.020 PR2.

[New from 0.020 PR2]

+ Rich text editor Qjot added (Thank you for Guenter)
+ New Lo-Fi theme added as default.

[Fix from 0.020 PR2]
* Google Search works
* Double click the layer bar will creat new layer
* New blank page will focus to the address bar.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[Rommend]K-MeleonCCF Express 0.01 B5

This version is the directly upgrade of B4R version with two important fix

[Release Notes]
* Gecko 1.7.7 Latest nightly update
* Use Mozilla Hisotry chrome instead of the K-Meleon History Plugin
(KM History Plugin removed, also changes all the corresponding menus, accel, and toolbars. )
Now history works with Mozilla chrome.

Download Address:

[BTW, I havn't timmed the components and chromes folder and that's why the size of this version is a little bigger)

To Carson and others:
This KMCCF version is a static version but uses some non-static version's component's dll files. (Don't know why.)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF Express 0.01 B4 Reloaded

Dear KMers:

I recommend you to use this K-MeleonCCF version this time. After rebuild with the latest Gecko 1.7.6 source and the reconfigured menus and toolbars, this version will be both simple and powerful. Probably this version will be the last beta version of K-Meleon Express 0.01 series. Althought there is still some work to do including trimming the 1.7.6 mozilla chromes, I just let this version availabe to all the KM users. Please try it and report any bugs if found.
I will try to contact Guenter to help me trim the 1.7.6 chrome to make it faster. Thank you for his help to me all the time.

[Release Notes]
* Mozilla 1.7.6 gecko
* Static Build
* "Debug Assertion Fails" Bug removed.

Download Address: