Tuesday, April 05, 2005

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF Express 0.01 B4 Reloaded

Dear KMers:

I recommend you to use this K-MeleonCCF version this time. After rebuild with the latest Gecko 1.7.6 source and the reconfigured menus and toolbars, this version will be both simple and powerful. Probably this version will be the last beta version of K-Meleon Express 0.01 series. Althought there is still some work to do including trimming the 1.7.6 mozilla chromes, I just let this version availabe to all the KM users. Please try it and report any bugs if found.
I will try to contact Guenter to help me trim the 1.7.6 chrome to make it faster. Thank you for his help to me all the time.

[Release Notes]
* Mozilla 1.7.6 gecko
* Static Build
* "Debug Assertion Fails" Bug removed.

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