Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[Rommend]K-MeleonCCF Express 0.01 B5

This version is the directly upgrade of B4R version with two important fix

[Release Notes]
* Gecko 1.7.7 Latest nightly update
* Use Mozilla Hisotry chrome instead of the K-Meleon History Plugin
(KM History Plugin removed, also changes all the corresponding menus, accel, and toolbars. )
Now history works with Mozilla chrome.

Download Address:

[BTW, I havn't timmed the components and chromes folder and that's why the size of this version is a little bigger)

To Carson and others:
This KMCCF version is a static version but uses some non-static version's component's dll files. (Don't know why.)

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b5 said...

Hi coolwulf, Out surfing for information on clear skin & happened upon your site. While [Rommend]K-MeleonCCF Express 0.01 B5 wasn't exactly spot on, it did strike a note with me. Thank you for the really good read.