Friday, January 25, 2008

Goodbye K-MeleonCCF

Dear K-Meleon fans,

Due to my personal reasons, I've decided to discontinue the unofficial K-MeleonCCF project at this moment.

K-MeleonCCF unofficial project starts from 2004 and have got a lot of supports and help from many people who love K-Meleon. And I just want to say 'Thank you' to all of you here.

I'm very glad to see the new K-Meleon 1.5 is on the right track and will be out in the future. With a real tab support and much powerful macro plugin, K-MeleonCCF alone won't be much different with the future K-Meleon 1.5. And I've sent CCF mouse gestures plugin sourcecode to Dorian and he might include several functions in K-MeleonCCF like drag and drop functions in the future 1.5 also. So I suggest all K-MeleonCCF users can switch to K-Meleon 1.5 in the future.

Before K-MeleonCCF projcet really leaves, here is the latest K-MeleonCCF ME 0.08 Beta4 pre. I was planning to finish this K-MeleonCCF ME 0.08 however it seems like this goal is hard to finish at this moment. I thought I might be able to finsh beta4, but there're still a lot to do. So I give out this pre version:

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.08 Beta4 pre

[Release Notes]

Many thanks to Dorian, Mark307, Guenter and desga2!

+ Lua file system added
+ Lua macro plugin updated to 0.4.1
+ Lua macro plugin now support sendkey()
+ In preference panel, the skin list can read the skin folders automatically
+ In preference-gestures panel, there are two more commands:luamacro(pageup)andluamacro(down) which are pageup and pagedown command
+ New gestures plugin function, scroll the scrollwheel when holding down the right button, K-Meleon can scroll the webpage pagedown or pageup per scroll
+ Hold shift button when scroll can scroll the webpage pagedown or pageup directly
+ Rightbutton adds 'block item in userContent.css' menu on images
+ userContent.css filtering will have preview function now. Once you add the item by using the 'block item in userContent.css' menu or in the adfilter panel, the current webpage will show the effect after filtering. However, for loading the new filters in userContent.css, you still need to restart K-Meleon.
+ Preference-general panel now has a default language setting



Finally, I want to thank all of you again for your support in the last several years and I really enjoying working on K-MeleonCCF with you. Maybe in the future, K-MeleonCCF would be back, but I can't make any commitment at this moment.

So.... Goodbye K-MeleonCCF


- Hao -

Friday, January 11, 2008

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.08 Beta3

[Release Notes]

+ Core: K-Meleon 1.5a_build22
+ all plugins updated
+ oGet for K-Meleon, support thunder,flashget... download managers
+ Fix login/password saving problem
+ can change web font in preference panel
+ bookmark plugin: add bookmark here function
+ bookmark plugin: can show favicon on bookmarks
+ flash plugin updated
+ can enable/disable flashblock through preference panel
+ oGet can integrate with left click, can be set in preference panel
+ fix several bugs in preference panel
+ add web translation function
+ add web page scroll speed setting in preference panel
+ can type directly in address bar and press Ctrl+G to do the web search
+ add several default skins
+ add quick clear ads function, can be used in options menu or from toolbar button
+ Ad-filter now support userContent.css type filtering of ads
+ fix the bug of error dialog at exit when setting privacy plugin to clear everything at exit