Wednesday, January 05, 2005

[Publish] K-Meleon CCF 0.019 PR1

基于K-Meleon 0.9 RC1

* 一些fix
* 新开空白页,focus在地址栏上
* 添加quick Note功能
* 更改了一些快捷键的设置
* Privacy功能增强



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maty said...
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maty said...
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maty said...

QuickNotes -> EDXOR 1.65 or NotePad++ 2.6.
EDXOR 1.65
NotePad++ 2.6
By the way: PSPad is like UltraEdit, but it is free!

coolwulf said...

Thank you for your information. Currently, the quick note function is just an option. I 'm still waiting for user's comment about this feature and then I can decide whether to keep this function in the future version.

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