Friday, July 29, 2005

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF 0.03 Beta1

Dear friends,
Dorian did modify a lot in his latest source and fix a lot of problems and include some new functions. Here is a list improvements compared with his previous source which is used in K-MeleonCCF 0.03 alphaX versions:

One very nice new function is when you type in address bar, there will be a drop down box under the address bar. This function is like the autocomplete function or at least works like that. Hope you all like it.


- Builded to work outside GRE (but a bug in the api still prevent it)
- History now work with history.dat and autocomplete (so appcomps.dll is needed instead of embed_lite)
- Fixed download dialog (xul download manager is deactivated to avoid a crash at shutdown)
- Fixed xul dialog not responding when closed witth the X. For the buttons not reponding, chrome have to be edited. Some dialog use just return; when you click on a button and not window.close(). (I finally remembered that stuff :) They currently work that way : click on your choice then close it with the X.
- Right click menu: some actions are probably broken
- The drop-down of the url bar is not always hiding like it should
- More bugs

[Release Notes]

- Dorian's latest build
- Latest Gecko 1.8b4
- url bar drop
- using native download dialog



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