Monday, October 03, 2005

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.041

Thanks for Dorian's work. I put his latest exe in this ME version. And the changes will be the same as 0.04 B1 version.

And also I included a language.cfg which will translate the menus into Chinese. If you want to use English. Just remove this language.cfg from the profile folder.


K-MeleonCCF ME 0.041

I still changed some part of the menu.cfg into Chinese to fix some problems caused by the language.cfg. You might need to replace the menu.cfg into the old one from ME 0.04 Version.

Again, many thanks to Dorian for his excellent work. And we all are looking forward to a new official release of K-Meleon.


erdraug said...

ooc: how about editing those links to the right side of your blog? i mean, a link to the k-meleon forums or brian's blog would sooooo much better than "google news" and "edit me", dont you think :)

other than that, to reply to your previous post, yes, many of us would definetly like a new official verson of k-m, no doubt :) in the meantime your doing a fine job :D

coolwulf said...

Thanks for your advise. I 've changed the links. But where is Brian's blog? I didn't know this before.

erdraug said...

it's something i found out while reading some more info about your own project in the k-m forums. In response to somebody's asking "wtf is k-m rcf anyways?" another person replied with, if i may quote :

Author: Carson (
Date: 09-04-05 00:35

If you want to be very secure and yet up to date, you can use that original K-Meleon--well, you can use it just as it is, and you'll be fine--but if you WANT, you can add in one of Brian Bruns' updates, which are the simplest, easiest ways to give you a very dependable yet very stylishly NEW (!) K-Meleon.

Hao's work, however, never stops, and Hao has provided us all with myriad advances and nifty-keeners innovations, for which we all feel a lot of respect for Hao and his generosity. :-)

So i checked out his site. However i don't know if it is proper netiquette (sic) to post the url of his blog here so just google for "Brian's mindless droning" AND k-meleon.

Btw this post shows how we all appreciate your work - keep it up :)

Hunt and Fish said...

Man there is alot of comment spam I have noticed. Is there any way to remove it from the blogs?

Hunt and Fish said...

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