Tuesday, April 25, 2006


[Release Notes]

+ Add SearchBar options in Menu->Options->SearchBar Options. The way searchbar open the window can be changed easily.

+ Add SearchBar engine choose button. You can choose different search engine easily. The SearchBar title will change after KM restart.

+ Change several plugins version to make KM run more stable and compatible in win9x system (still in test).




moom said...

Great! I'm testing it.

One question. Why the navigator shows the XML documents like plain text. Check this: http://blogs.wanadoo.es/cositas/index.xml

When I opened this document in other versions of k-meleon it was diplayed as a tree, like IE, as it should be, I think.


coolwulf said...

I'm not very sure why the problem comes from. Maybe my version less some components dll or just some things related the prefs.js. Let me check and get back to you.

coolwulf said...

Finally I found out the reason. In this version I did not include this dll file in components folder: transformiix.dll, so you can copy this file from Dorian's 1.0 beta7 and put it in the components folder. Remember to delete the 2 .dat file in this folder before you restart KM.

coolwulf said...

And I 'm going to include this file in future versions. Thanks.

moom said...

Ok, now works well :))