Friday, September 01, 2006

Support super drag and drop now! K-MeleonCCF

[Release Notes]

+ Super drag and drop function. Use you mouse's left button drag and drop a link to anywhere else in the webpage to open this link in new background tab.

+ Link handling options added. Now you can choose how to open links in the web pages. You can enforce links to open in the new tab or in the background tab. And you can also set the behavior back to normal mode.

+ Gestures rock function is supported now. (Hold left button and click right button or hold right button and click left button)

* Fixed Proxy setchecks disappear after restart.

* Fixed some errors in Adblock menu.




Richard Phillips said...


How about a mailing list for new releases? I'd like to know when they come out. :-)


coolwulf said...

There 's no mailing list right now. But you can check the k-meleon forums or my blog for latest update for now. I will consider the mailing list option in the future. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I get a right click context menu on this site?