Wednesday, June 20, 2007

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.072 XUL

English version

[Release Notes]

+ Adblock+ included
+ Newsfox included
* Latest Gecko engine updated
+ CCF Gestures plugin 0.06 included
* Fix some bugs related with drag and drop links to open in new tabs
+ Drag and drop an image to open the image save dialog
+ Right button drag and drop supported, to use it need to set "kmeleon.plugins.gestures.rdrag"=1
* Improved startup speed



Anonymous said...

Where is non-XUL version?

coolwulf said...

English non-XUL is coming...

Anonymous said...

Hi HJ,
Can you please also provide the zh-tw version?? in CCF Forum.

Anonymous said...

Hi HJ,
zh-CN to zh-TW, I do it by myself, but not completely done, but it's OK for browsing.

Translate lang file by green tool "ConvertZ v8.02"

Convert code from GBK to Big5 as follow:

- language.cfg
- All file
- accel.cfg
- menus.cfg

it workable for the "Pop up menu" and "advance preforence menu".
but not workable for "preforence menu".

Is there some file i was missing??


coolwulf said...

There is another file kmeleonloc.dll which you need to use resource hacker to translate. This is corresponding to the preference panel and search bar.


Anonymous said...

Hi HJ,

Resource hacker can not open the file Kmeleonloc.dll

ResHack alert"the file has a non-standard layout, it has probobly been compress with an exe compresser"

BTW, I have posted your site and my translate method to:


Hao Jiang said...

I might compress it with upx or PECompact for less space and you should be able to uncompress it with those tools. And I 'll check to see whether I can find an uncompressed one.