Thursday, October 11, 2007

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.08 Alpha5

This is probably the last alpha build for ME 0.08, so I finally decided to publish it.

[Release Notes]

+ K-Meleon 1.5 Alpha core
+ Gecko
+ Newly designed preference panel
+ Better Ad-filter, support filter with images, frames, flash and scripts
+ New Privacy plugin, session plugin added with better functions
+ Drag and drop mouse gestures now work with 1.5 Alpha
+ A lot of new features



vincent powell said...

There is a path error in edit.lua in K-MeleonCCFME0.08a5.
Both accel.cfg and menus cfg are in the pref folder, so the correct path for those two files is found at "kmeleon.general.settingsDir".
Therefore edit.lua should be changed so that lines 22 through 30 look like this:

function accel()
local path=getpref(TYPE_STRING,"kmeleon.general.settingsDir")
exec("notepad.exe "..path.."accel.cfg");

function menus()
local path=getpref(TYPE_STRING,"kmeleon.general.settingsDir")
exec("notepad.exe "..path.."menus.cfg");

coolwulf said...

Thank you for your report. I'll fix those.

Tit0 said...

Hi, What languages support this K-Meleon unofficial version?


Hao Jiang said...

Currently English only

mikeee said...

thanks! session saver is great, am awaiting full preferences and ability to change search box again.

any chance of an english KMCCFme forum?? ..this browser needs to be more popular, its memory useage and speed are incredible.

could you also please impliment, like in FireFox, where if you type some words into the address bar it will goto google's "i'm feeling lucky" result.

coolwulf said...

Thank you for your reply.

The Google "I'm feeling lucky" function is implemented in Beta1.

You can discuss K-MeleonCCF also at K-Meleon official forum and I 'm over there.