Tuesday, April 15, 2008

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 Beta0 - Twice as fast as Opera 9..5

With the help of Dorian, there 's gonna be new version of K-MeleonCCF ME series coming out based on Gecko 1.9. And here is a preview version with a lot of bugs, so this is only a test version to test JS speed.

Download: http://kmeleon.et8.net/K-MeleonCCFME0.09Beta0.exe

Here is the result:


WoLong said...

Great job! This is my main browser now.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for continuing k-meleon CCF-ME!! i was very dissapointed to hear that development had stopped, it is such a great peice of software, so close to being a competitor to the big browsers also IMO. (despite using a fraction of the memory!)

please improve search (opensearch?).. so i can easily add new searches and change what i'm searching in the bar, like all other current browsers (FF,IE,Op), this is the greatest thing missing; each time you seem to improve those things that were annoying in the old versions.

and keep it fast! (as you clearly are!)

Anonymous said...

and RSS support like firefox's would be awesome too, i assume it is do-able without too much additional code, memory footprint etc :)

i would also REQUEST;
when you viewing one tab, and you right click on ANOTHER tab and then press "close tab", it should close the tab you are clicking on, not the one you are viewing currently. thanks!


Anonymous said...

oops, anon here, forget the last half of my last post, it seems this is yet another of the things that bugged me that you had already fixed (without documenting).

"i'm feeling lucky" support like firefox's (ie. not having to press ctrl+R, and if google isn't 'sure' it will take you to a google page), would be awesome.

ALSO one thing which, as someone who uses K-meleon CCF-ME as their main browser, can be frustrating, is that there is no 'upgrade' possiblity, just a fresh install each time. Is there any way i can carry over my preferences, bookmarks, etc etc between versions changes?

thanks again!

Adrien Nader said...

I'm sad : I can't download any of the kmeleon ccf me versions. :'(

Anonymous said...

Guys, I've been trying to download K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 Beta0 without any success. Would really appreciate if you can provide a valid URL for download.


Anonymous said...

hi, first anon again.

CTRL+A = select all when the cursor is in the address bar or search bar.

adrien nader said...

I've put a mirror for this file at : http://pers.yaxm.org/kmeleon-ccf/K-MeleonCCFME0.09Beta0.exe

I hope it's not a problem and will remove it asap upon request.

demollyon said...

I love this browser! I use it on my UMPC and it rocks! Thanx for this!

Anonymous said...