Tuesday, June 03, 2008

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 Beta1 V5

[Release Notes]

+ Minimized Chrome
+ Faster performance and less CPU usage
+ Right corner icon can control the link to be opened in current tab, new tab or background tab




Anonymous said...


can you tell me where I can find 'plugin/extension' to K-Meleon that enable something like 'hard-reset/refresh' of website?

I was had this tool to my K-Meleon last year, but after crash I lost it.

It's was seems like additonal bar where I put any words, and it's made refresh of website after pressing 'Enter'.

Do you know where to find it?
Please replay.

Anonymous said...

why "click to play function for flash application" removed
can you add this in new version

Anonymous said...

is it possible to add click to play function for image

Anonymous said...

Load session is buggy as it doesn't load last session properly. Other than that great job!

Thanks for continue your k-meleon project!

Mikey said...

Can you please fix sessions bug? Its only thing stopping me from using your 0.09 build I am still using 0.08.

P.S. What a great job you're doing in this project. I respect the effort you put into it. Thanks!

yoga said...

I need the "No Proxy for:" field to accept longer string. Currently, it is limited to only accept string as wide as the field.

And, I wonder, did you remove URL completion shortcut (Ctrl-Enter) since version 0.08?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Some javascript commands within a page don't execute; particularly those that call up a window or layer. Even the javascript associated with your "Publish Your Comment" does not work.

Other than that, version 5 is an exceptionally good browser. Its speed is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

@mindpower: you can completely reload a webpage from server by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R, or right-click on the reload button then click force reload from the popup menu. Is that what you want?

This new version is very fast. But it has a few problems:
1) Can't stop loading page
2) Can't restore session
3) Then encoding menu has no effect.

Anonymous said...

Document context menu -> "View Page Info" -> "Page Links" is not functioning.

Anonymous said...

One bug: K-Meleon does not always clear itself from memory on exit. Other than that, this browser is excellent!

Is there a way to use the back and forward buttons on the mouse to navigate? These buttons seem to work in the default K-Meleon builds, but not in CCF ME. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can we have an option for the behaviour of right click > "view image", as it always brings it up in a new window (i want option for new tab, current tab, etc)

looking forward to a version update soon!! :)

Anonymous said...

A few more bugs (not sure if these are related or not):

1. Certain links don't work. For instance, clicking 'More Info' in a Youtube description box fails to expand the box.

2. Some forum moderation functions (e.g., checkboxes) don't work. I believe the forum uses IPB.

3. The 'Publish your comment' button on this page doesn't work. Could this be a problem with javascript?

ubyrvalg said...

I'm sorry but the http://kmeleon.et8.net site is unavailable...

Anonymous said...

yeap, it's unavailable

Anonymous said...

This is some kind of futuristic web browsing. I have tried all browsers, and this uses some kind of alien space technology for speed. It is creepy how fast it loads a page. This is the fastest browser, here on earth, or in galaxies far far away.

Anonymous said...

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