Monday, December 08, 2008

【Preview】 K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 RC0

[Release Notes]

* Fixed save webpage problem
* Fixed encoding problem
* Fixed stop button problem
* Better program response
* Better compatibility of km with Gecko 1.9.1

[Advice needed?]

If you would like to ask any new functions, modifications, now it is the right time to ask. I 'll try to fullfill the request if possible.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have web page translation like that in IE 8 Beta with Messenger Live Translation.

Basically I would like to see a translation option selected by mouse right click option, the original web page on the right and the translated web page on the left.

It might not be possible to do it with Messanger Live but can it be done via Google or BabelFish web based translation?

A drop down menu liking to the site for "cloud application" with auto update to add new application as there become available.

Anonymous said...

link for download???

Tasman said...

Love to download and try out this latest version, where is it?

Anonymous said...

Where is the link for download,dude.