Monday, January 05, 2009

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 RC3

[Release Notes]

+ Adblock plus for K-MeleonCCF ME added
+ Adblock plus preference panel added, replace the previous adblock preference
+ Adblock plus preference can add filter rule and white list
+ Searchbar ext plugin updated, previous search item dropdown list supported
+ Gestures plugin updated, support gestures track (draw a blue line) now
+ Preference->Gestures can set whether to show the gestures track or not
+ Preference->General can set default encoding



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Hao Jiang said...

在pref\macros.lua 中加入:

require "sync"

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Keith said...

Hao --

[1] There is a strange problem where the browser becomes non-responsive to the mouse pointer, which then requires a CTRL-ALT-DELETE to restore functionality. See this one a lot.

[2] On phpBB3 forum, BBCode auto-insertion no longer works (ie., highlight selected text -> click desired formatting option -> BBCode tags are inserted); it must be hand-coded.

[3] Video on CNN will not cooperate with K-Meleon. Have to open video in a separate IE window. Not important to me, but the GF will never abandon IE without this one. Any ideas?

Keep up the good work! ^^)

Keith said...

Hao --

One more comment/request: K-Meleon does not seem to grok FTP. While I use FileZilla for most downloading, it is often handy to browse FTP sites from within a browser, like IE does.

No can do from K-Meleon. Is this a Gecko limitation, or something else? Not a biggie.

Keith said...

Hao --

I just discovered that the IM portal "meebo" ( does not load properly in RC2 (it worked in the previous versions I tested, eg., from 0.09 Beta 2).

It uses flash and javascript, which are "on", but the page only loads the background and not text or images. Bizarre.

Did something change in RC2? Any fix?

Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous said...

F9 key doesn't work. This version ALWAYS loads images. RC1 was fine.

Good work, though. Thanks.

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