Saturday, June 20, 2009

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.089 Test

As promised, there is going to be another Gecko 1.8x version coming out which will be labelled 0.089 version.

Currently this version is being tested and will make sure it works under Windows XP/Vista/7 with minimum problems.

The Gecko engine is updated with latest K-Meleon 1.53 which is pretty current and also might be changed to latest Seamonkey version if needed.

And with the test release, only a test gestures plugin which is compatible with Vista/7 aero enviroment is included, and this plugin doesn't include drag and drop functions, only basic gestures function for now. It will be updated in the final release.

This 0.089 version include most all of the latest functions you can find in CCFME 0.095 V3



coolwulf said...

Currently this version is in Chinese. You can remove locals folder and change lua\preferenceGUI\locals_EN.lua to locals.lua to change it into English

Mike said...

Thank you for continuing support of 0.8x builds. Despite everything being done on 0.09x the 0.08x is still be most stable and has less issues/problems.

Anonymous said...

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Pristine said...

There's one question that always bugs me:
How do you add search string to the search bar when the string is like:

As you can see, the %s is in between other strings, and K-Meleon does not accept %s.
How do you solve this problem?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So, what about sidebar? How to put Bookmarks in it? Why sidebar present in menus but it is not active?

jhonny said...

This version actually works better than V3 AND also firefox's latest portable 3.5. It does not consume cpu when on flash sites like ff or the V3.
I prefer NO drag and drop or gesture features as they are always getting in my way. I tried removing the dll's once and it would always error no matter what I did. Any chance in this being a complete option?
THE BEST browser bar none