Monday, November 29, 2004

【Publish】K-Meleon CCF 0.017a Chinese (Nov. 22 Update)(New version Incoming)

[English release information]
+ Add Multi-Proxy support from Menu->Proxys
+ Add jsnj's "Open All links in the page" macros from Menu->Edit
+ Add Plugins and right click menu support for Flashget (Download Manager)
+ Add support for CyberArticle (One great web page collector program)
* Change some network setting to speed up
* Change some default setting and menu item like adding encoding to right click menu.

Note: This version is also a special version for one Chinese forum "CCF", whick I "live" there. So you will see a "Go to CCF" menu from Menu -> Help and One hidden Chinese menu from shotcut key "Alt+C". Generally you can just ignore it.

And I am also keeping updating this unofficial version and hope you will like it.

[Nov. 22/2004]
+ Add Open All Links in the page funcion. Choose from Menu -> Edit.
* Change default tab width.
* Change some default network optimized setting.

I just made one unoffical version of K-Meleon, which is the fastest Gecko based browser (Much faster than Firefox).
The function besides K-Meleon 0.9 built-ins including:
Multi-Proxy support
Flashget(One great download software) plugin support
Cyber Article(One great web page collector) support

If anyone interested in that, you can download it here:

Hope you like it.

[Chinese release information]
基于Gecko 1.8a5的版本正在制作,由于新的内核导致了新的问题. 新的Gecko和部分软件存在兼容性的问题.包括紫光在内. 所以准备出一个Preview的版本. 主要是看速度是否有提高.

基于本着论坛用户使用方便的方针, 大家考虑看看有没有其它值得引入CCF版本的功能, 就像Alt+C一样,我再看看能否实现. 希望大家多提意见. 有时候并非技术实现不了, 而是没有好的idea.

[Nov. 22/2004]

+ 添加了 Open All Links in the page 功能. 在Menu -> Edit里面可以选择.
* 修改了默认的tab宽度.
* 修改了部分默认的网络设定.
* Alt+C菜单添加了一些Item


虽然还有些地方不大满意,不过看大家热情很高,就提前放出了. 所以如果Bug多多,请多多包涵. 请回帖指出bug, 这样我可以及时修改.

基于K-Meleon 0.9 Beta 3
+ 多Proxy切换
+ Flashget 下载支持
+ Cyberarticle(网文快捕) 保存网页支持
+ 修改过的 Phenix(Large) Theme
+ 一些其他小的菜单和Macros的修动.

使用Cyberarticle(网文快捕)4.2 Alpha 2测试. 这里也感谢作者给大家提供这么出色的软件.
CyberArticle 的默认路径是c:\Program Files\CyberArticleFlashget的默认路径是c:\Program Files\FlashGet如果大家的安装路径,不同请自行用写字板打开Profile目录中的macros.cfg文件搜索cyberarticle 或flashget照格式更改路径.

关于Multi-Proxy功能,现在还在测试阶段, 所以很可能会有问题. 请报告bug和改进意见.

向上: 新窗口
左下: 关闭窗口
右下: 新窗口打开链接
左上: 到左边窗口
右上: 到右边窗口

希望喜欢K-Meleon等朋友多使用, 有很多0.9新功能非常出色.

精品的朋友下载使用后, 请尝试使用Alt+C功能, 你会有意外的惊喜


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