Monday, November 29, 2004

【Publish】K-Meleon CCF 0.018PR2

[English release info]
Here is one small update to my version:
+ New Hotkeys functions from Tools -> Hotkeys. You can choose from Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 as hotkeys and store web address in them. So you can speed up opening your favorite web address by hotkeys.

The download link is here:

[Chinese release info]
+加入Hotkey功能. 用户可以从Tools->Hotkeys菜单自定义Ctrl+1到Ctrl+9热键打开指定网址. 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Coolwolf aka...,
Thx for sharing Your new work. Never knew that You had a place in i-net on Your own. bookmarked it and will visit You occassionally 4 reading; But i will probably not post - since it is hard for me to write English at all - it takes too long ... unless i create the usual messy Forum entries ; o ), which does not seem a good idea here among all the English speakers - while Forum is an international place - where it seems ok to write and speak the lingua franca of Forum just sufficiant to be understood.

Yours sterntaler aka... with greetings from Hannover