Thursday, December 02, 2004

【Publish】K-Meleon CCF 0.017a2

[New functions}
+ Change tab/layer width from View-> Layers -> Set tab width. Now you can set the max and min width of the layers and it will effect immediately.

[English Release Info]
* Toolbar change
* Shift + Left button Click to open link in new layer in background added

[Chinese Release Info]

可能是基于Gecko 1.7.4的0.017版的最后一个版本了.


* 将新建标签置于后退图标之前.
* 增加了很多默认没有打开的工具图标
* 关闭标签图标置于标签栏最后

(这样更加照顾习惯了其他IE SHELL浏览器用户)

* Hotkey功能

默认的User.js中添加了一些网络设定, 可以加快网络浏览速度.

快捷键默认添加了 Shift+鼠标左键在后台新标签打开链接. 这样用户既可以用中键打开,也可以用Shift+鼠标左键打开. 




Lord Naughton said...

Hey Hao, nice going. It's nice to see K-Meleon up in lights.
pushing K-Meleon is the best thing to do at the moment, I will be promoting on blogger soon after I over-haul my blog's on it. Good work. Hey drop a line on K-Meleon the Gecko Forums will ya.

J.C.A.N = aka: Hardryve

Anonymous said...

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