Thursday, December 09, 2004

[Publsih] K-Meleon CCF 0.018PR4

[English Release Info]
+ Modified gestures plugin, support Ctrl + Left mouse gestures = Right mouse gestures
* Modified userContent.css
* Modified Layer toolbar right click menu, Move "close layer" to the top


[Chinese Release Info]

+ 修改并重新编译的gestures插件,现在支持按住Ctrl+鼠标左键拖动 = 鼠标右键手势。 默认情况下,按住CTRL, 往右下或左下托拽链结将在后台标签打开该链结。 

* 修改过的userContent.css去除[img]信息

* 修改过的标签工具栏的右键菜单,把close layer置于第一



Anonymous said...

Dear Jiang,

Thanks for your version. It is great. But I have a problem: how to change flashget to nettransport? Additionally, I am not using cyber..., but net snippets. As I know, net snippets could support firefox now, but how to set it to be used in km?
More thanks...

coolwulf said...

Those can be changed in Macros.cfg and Menu.cfg. Just search for Flashget and Cyberarticle and look at those macros and you will learn it right away. Then change those parameters into what you want.


Anonymous said...

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