Wednesday, February 02, 2005

[Publish] K-Meleon CCF 0.019 PR4 EN

English Version
[Release Notes]
+ Add Password Manager (KM_pass). Thank you JujuLand
+ Weather Report support customization. Use can define their frequent area code and use shortcut Alt+W to check it.
+ Open Nickname or Macro function added. Thanks Jsnj.
+ Add Toggle Image button on Main Toolbar. So use can open/close image very easily.

Dowload Address:


maty said...
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maty said...


Password Managerk_meleon_nauscopico_vistas_5.htm.
Image: PINs.png.
PINs (763 KB + spanish) is much better than KeePass 0.97c (652KB with spanish).

maty said... Manual  PIN en NAUTOPIA, por wolffete

coolwulf said...

Hey, Maty:
I tried to include the PIN into KM but failed. It seems that PIN can't recognize KM's password file automatically and the import process is very cumbersome. So I have to give it up and stick with the Password Manager.

Raman said...

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