Sunday, February 20, 2005

[Publish] K-MeleonCCF 0.019a

Maybe the last version of CCF 0.019 series.

Based on Gecko 1.8a5
[Release Notes]
- New -

+ QuickBookmark Function
+ kmeleon.exe.manifest changed to include the line break function
+ New font setting
+ Enable/Disable Document's Font
+ Add some default font setting
+ Weather Code support String
+ CyberArticle Installation Path setting
+ Macro List for Mouse Gestures
+ Language Region Setting
+ New Setdefault.exe
+ Toggle TypeAhead function

- Changed/Fixed -
* Download Manager Setting Fixed
* Modify Toolbar.cfg to have more customizibility
* Cancel new layer will open the selected text function
*Favorites Toolbar can be set as root directory

- Bugs -
* when creat new layer focus is not address bar
* about:config and about:plugins problem



T-Moor said...

Lol, the funny thing is that, just today I downloaded and installed K-Meleon, instead of Opera, and while browsing the net I stumbled accross the unofficial K-Meleon blog. Isn't this a small world :))
I have to say that this browser rocks, it's pretty easy to use and is quite efficient. Regarding your blog, I should say that it's quite interesting and i'd like to exchange links with you, because I also have a blog here and my recent post, believe it or not, was about how I came to install this very browser.

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Was using 0.9, but your version offers a bit more, especially in the area of Adblock. Thanks for your contribution!!!

Rob-San Diego, CA