Saturday, September 10, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.03 RC1

Release with Dorian's SMA4

[Release Notes]

* Fix: Download dialog closing without further notice when download failed
* Fix: Download now fail when a http error occur
* Fix: Toolbar menu badly checked
* Fix: Reload will load the url in the urlbar after a failure instead of about:blank
* Fix: Ctrl+c in url bar triggering autocomplete

* Add: Url bar background color depending on security state (yellow=ok, red=broken/mixed?)
* Add: Download font dialog
* Add: Cookie dialog details
* Add: Chevrons in bookmark & layer toolbars
* Add: Find bar
* Add: Sidebar API
* Add: Partial favicon support

* Src: Updated for latest moz (download dialog again)

* New ID:
o ID_REFRESH_FAVICON // Refresh the favicon for the current page
o History(clear)

* Settings:
o int:
o bool: kmeleon.favicons.cached
o int: kmeleon.MRU.behavior // 0 Save everything / 1 Only domain name / 2 Only entered / 3 Nothing
o int: kmeleon.urlbar.dropdown_lines

* Skin:
o default.ico // Default favicon


K-MeleonCCF 0.03 RC1


ra said...

Since the K-M forums are currently down, I'm adding a comment here. ;-)

The chrome in this version is too optimized to return a save page as dialog on some pages, e.g. this one.

BTW: Is K-M compiled against the Mozilla build you're using, Hao?

coolwulf said...

Yeah, that's definitely a bug. This build is compiled by Dorian on a different version of KM. That might be the problem.

ra said...

If I use exactly this k-meleon.exe with a *full* Mozilla backend I'm getting the dialog. So either the minimal chrome or else that has been stripped out is causing this bug.

I was just wondering because k-meleon.exe spots a different modified time. Apart from that I had the impression that K-M's even a tiny bit faster if it is compiled against the backend that is used later on; but I guess this one is close enough.

Anonymous said...

Can we get back the silversurfer skin as the default? The big MSN skin kinda sucks.

coolwulf said...

Sure. Just copy the siverbird skin folder from the previous one to the current skin folder. I will include it in the next release.

Basket said...

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Hunt and Fish said...

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