Saturday, September 17, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Alpha2

[Release Notes]

Support bakground open in layer: kmeleon.plugins.bookmarks.openurl have to be set to ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_NEW_TAB or ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_BACKGROUNDTAB
support for browser.tabs.autoHide

This version is using the latest Gecko 1.8b4, not 1.9a1.

K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Alpha2


Anonymous said...

Download "K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Alpha2" = "K-MeleonCCF0.04Alpha2.exe"

Download "K-MeleonCCF 0.03 RC2" = "K-MeleonCCF0.04Alpha2.exe" ?????

Anonymous said...

where to set the background opening url? more info please.

coolwulf said...

The link has been fixed.

What do you mean "background opening url" ? Try tools->Url Bar Text Options

Brian said...

great job!


Basket said...

Bon jour. Le temps amer que je vois.

Chercher le temps et quelques comment terrien ici.

Blog agréable.

Je devrai revenir plus tard.

Hunt and Fish said...

Good post