Friday, December 16, 2005

[Recommend] K-Meleon for Seamonkey 1.0

See Dorian's homepage:

Differences with K-Meleon 0.9

* New Features:
o Work on top of Gecko 1.8 Engine
o Native dialogs : cookie prompt, certificate warning, download font, cookies and password viewer, permissions editor.
o Ctrl in urlbar (Bugs #764, #783) and autocomplete
o Language.cfg configuration file for translation purpose
o Find bar
o Site icon support
o Status bar icon tooltip and popup blocked notification
o Open/Save dialog for download
* Improved :
o Cloning session history when opening a new window with current page (IE behavior)
o Reload will load the url in the urlbar after a failure instead of about:blank
o Url bar background color depending on security state
o Correct suppression of cookies, history and passwords for the privacy plugin
o Removed hardcoded strings.
* Bug fixes :
o Xul dialog not responding when closed witth the X
o Prompt displaying a check box when it shouldn't, and not displaying initial text
o Download dialog not showing error #780
o Toolbar menu badly checked
o Bug #547, #621, #785
o Misc. small memory leaks
o Included a mozilla patch for #618
* New prefs and commands :
o History(clear)
o bool:
o bool: kmeleon.favicons.cached
o bool:
o bool:
o bool: browser.urlbar.autoFill
o bool: browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled
o int: kmeleon.urlbar.dropdown_lines
o int: kmeleon.MRU.behavior // 0 Save everything / 1 Only domain name / 2 Only entered / 3 Nothing
o bool: kmeleon.general.askOpenSave
o bool:
o bool:
o New skin file default.ico: default site icon.
* Notes :
o Possible incompatibility: In K-Meleon 0.9 the UWM_UPDATEBUSYSTATE message is send only when loading a page is finished. In K-MeleonSM 1.0 it's also send when loading of a page started with wParam = 1.

About localization of this build

The sources contain a kmeleonloc folder which permit to build a dll of ressources. Instead of "hacking" into the exe to localize k-meleon, you can translate the resources, build the dll, and put it in the k-meleon folder with the name k-meleonloc.dll. K-meleon will use it instead of its internal english resource.

You can make a language.cfg file to translate menus, toolbars and macro (as long as they use the new _T() function). This language.cfg must contain only a succession of line like :

"Original english text" = "Translated text"

The quotes are optionnal but must be used if there are spaces at the beginning or at the end of the string, or an '=' in the string.

Preferences depending on localization should be put in the defaults\pref\I10n.js pref file.

* KmeleonSM 1.0beta3
o Add: Dialog use now the font settings of the control panel
o Add: Popup blocked notification (I may need someone to make a better icon )
o Add: Tooltip in status bar icon and certificate display for secure pages.
o Add: New macro function _() to use for localized string.
o Add: Site icon for layer plugin
o Fix: Empty the edit area when a conf file doesn't exist in the preference panel
o Fix: Reworked site icon support, fullsuport now
o Fix: Privacy plugin clear history, cookie and password
o Fix: Bad findbar behavior when the page contains an iframe
o Change: UWM_UPDATEBUSYSTATE send when begin loading
o Change: New plugin function GetIconList, GetMozillaWebBrowser, AddStatusBarIcon
o Workaround: Tooltip not erased when using the mouse wheel
o Workaround: Print preview doesn't use the full width of the window



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