Tuesday, December 20, 2005

[Recommend] K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Release Candidate 1

[Release Notes]

Please disable session plugin. It might cause K-Meleon crash.

+ Gecko 1.8 Final
+ New core exe
+ support downloading to Chinese/Japanese folder and Chinese/Japanese file name
+ All plugins re-compiled
+ New layer plugin which supports favicon (Like the one in KMA 1.0)
+ Firefox 's adblock extension added
+ Many more fixes
+ FIX a major GDI leak
+ Session plugin added.
* Some UI fixes.

and other new/fixes in KMA 1.0 Beta3

* Add: Dialog use now the font settings of the control panel
* Add: Popup blocked notification (I may need someone to make a better icon :p)
* Add: Tooltip in status bar icon and certificate display for secure pages.
* Add: New macro function _() to use for localized string.
* Add: Site icon for layer plugin
* Fix: Empty the edit area when a conf file doesn't exist in the preference panel
* Fix: Reworked site icon support, fullsuport now
* Fix: Privacy plugin clear history, cookie and password
* Fix: Bad findbar behavior when the page contains an iframe
* Change: UWM_UPDATEBUSYSTATE send when begin loading
* Change: New plugin function GetIconList, GetMozillaWebBrowser, AddStatusBarIcon
* Workaround: Tooltip not erased when using the mouse wheel
* Workaround: Print preview doesn't use the full width of the window


1 comment:

bst82551 said...

Problem with the installer:
I had it set to install the loader... the loader is nowhere to be found. I also think that the crash plugin should be included by default. That's just what I think though.