Wednesday, October 08, 2008

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.086 XUL

[Release Notes]

* Use simplist chrome structure
* Backspace won't trifer ID_NAV_BACK/accel at edit area
* SpeedDial function can save the change correctly
* A lot of changes in menus and toolbars to improve the usability
* Right click on Tab bar show toolbar menu
* Lua macros now use autoload structure
+ Include Adblock plus
+ Include IETab
+ IETab settings (make a list of webpages to open in IETab instead of Gecko)
+ Prefetch (settings in preference)
+ Inlucde Newsfox RSS
+ Inlcude Mime Editor
+ Inlcude new searchbar plugin




Anonymous said...

wt's the different between 0.086XUL and O.09 Beta V2???

Too many versions!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you enable tracemonkey? I do not see an option under "advanced."

mikeee said...

hi, thanks for your excellent work, and for continuing :)

i have been using this version for a while (i guess i am one of few to use CCFME as my sole browser), it has some fairly serious memory-leak problems, which were not noticeable in any of the other 0.08x versions i have used.

Also, it is a bit of a pain that you can no longer right-click on a tab to close it.

nice to see some advancements on the search bar; can we PLEASE have the option to customize the search choices!
this has been the biggest pain to me for the longest time!

Finally, using setdefault.exe causes havock. it puts it on the start menu all well and good, but then none of the LUA stuff works, which is particularly annoying as it screws up the 'load last session' feature-- the next time i open it (having to launch it from the program files folder) there is no session any more!
in addition to fixing the problem, the session saver could be set to not overwrite previous sessions with blank (or 'homepage only') sessions.


Anonymous said...

oh and also, the main site hasn't been working for me.. it just loads ' K-Meleon

About Me

Name: K-Meleon

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Previous Posts

Archives' and the background and nothing else.

it has been like this for some time (i had to access this page via google cache), and deleting the cache made no difference.


131 said...

hi, the last thing i reported was related to the home page issue i think!

『古墓』 said...


Sinusoid said...

Does anyone have a mirror that doesn't link me to a japanese version? I really want this version but it's nowhere to be found in english :(