Friday, October 24, 2008

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 Beta3 V3

【Release Notes】

+ Searchbar ext plugin updated to 0.21a4. Thanks to Tek.
+ Fix forcing link to open in newtab and background tab
+ Gecko to latest Gecko 1.91b2pre
+ Some modifications of menu and toolbar
+ Lua autoload structure
+ Selected text menu has "Adblock item" which can add text url to filter
* Some speed optimization


【Issues】(Because of incompatibility issues of K-Meleon core and Gecko 1.91)
* Encoding not working
* Stop button not working
* Save page not working


Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for Your hard work Hao and all other guys working on this project. I didn't know about k-meleonccf me, until just recently.
Now its my favorite and only browser, but only one question bothers me. How to clean private data, history, cache, cookies, e.t.c.?., Keep up great work You do. Bye.

coolwulf said...

Click the privacy option button on the toolbar. It will show a list of things you can clear.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Big thanks for quick reply and sorry about my ignorance. I never even tried any left mouse click other than first 4 icons. I appreciate Your time.
P.S. I hope those are right letters for word.

coolwulf said...

You are very welcome. Definitely right words.

Anonymous said...

lots of pro. 4 this version!!!!!!!