Wednesday, November 05, 2008

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.09 Beta3 V4

[Release Notes]

* Gecko update
* Plugins update
+ Show close button on tabs



Anonymous said...

much better than previous version. FAST !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The fastest browser in the world!!!!!!!! Nice work..

love it...

Anonymous said...

thanks for new version fast yes but previous wasn't bad either.
Bugs maybe, button doesn't work sometimes and if few tabs are open for some reason crashes.

Anonymous said...

button go sorry for spelling

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


如果要是在地址栏里写入网址的名字,后面不加.com, 前面不加www,反应的速度相当慢,有时候会发生打不开的现象。



仅是一些建议,听不听无所谓。只要你能继续完善这个ccf me就行。

Ed said...


thank you very much for this great browser. i've been using it for a while now.

how can i edit plugin settings? whenever i try to open pdf's it says Acrobat not found. I use Foxit Reader, and not Acrobat, and I want edit this in the plugin settings? how to go about this?


Anonymous said...

sorry ed. editing plugin settings is not available in K-meleonCCF ME 0.09. so don't bother making it open Foxit Reader because I know Foxit Reader doesn't support that kind of browser.

Anonymous said...

Bug:The option in behaviour preferences, are unable to change, can´t put in "Open in current Tab" on Link

Anonymous said...

Really need PDF plug-in in CCF ME!!!!!

Ed said...

okay, that's fine. thanks anyway.

Keep up the good work,


Anonymous said...

"Really need PDF plug-in in CCF ME!!!!!"

currently there are NO such PDF plugins that actually work with Kmeleon CCF ME. not even Adobe Reader's PDF plugin can run correctly with these CCF ME 0.09 releases as I have tested myself.

K-meleon CCF ME does not have those "application" or "helper application" features that Firefox and Seamonkey have to configure PDF files to open in either Adobe Reader or FoxitReader or whatever PDF Viewer program being used. somewhat of a major letdown of CCF ME.

consider using another web browser for using PDF plugins for now. anyway, it isn't a big deal for me and it'll be a while before there will be a CCF ME version that can handle PDF plugins.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Really need PDF plug-in in CCF ME!!!!