Wednesday, February 25, 2009

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.092 pre (KM without titlebar )

This is a preview version of how K-Meleon could be without title bar.

The toolbar will integrate a system shortcut for minimize/maximize , close and restore the window. Drag any blank place on the tab bar will move the window.

Thanks to Dorian, this idea could be fulfilled.


Build on VC2008 + Windows 7 Beta1, you might need VC20008 runtime to run it.


revathykumar said...

This version has enhanced the web space.

Please inform how to enable 'IE TAB'display in the toolbar.Earlier versions displayed the addon icons.
Since quite a number of sites still need IE engine it is suggested that this version to adds the addon buttons displyed in the toolbar.



Anonymous said...

Still cant run it....This browser is a crap.

revathykumar said...

I have since got the IE tab icon displayed through menu>view>toolbars>tollbar.



coolwulf said...

This version needs VC2008 runtime.