Thursday, February 26, 2009

【Beauty with Speed】 K-MeleonCCF ME 0.092


【Release Notes】

+ New titleless window design
+ When titleless window maximize, it won't overlap taskbar,Fullscreen with F11
+ Enable/Disable titleless window design in Preference->Display
+ New skins adapted for titless window design, Including mezich,Milk,Shiny&Bright,Silverbird,Tango
+ Full Screen menu item in popup menu and View menu
+ Updated to Gecko 1.92a (Seamonkey 2.0b1pre)



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Anonymous said...

i love uu....coollll~~~~~~!!!!

Anonymous said...

If we need the VC2008 runtime for v0.092 onwards, does this mean that you've abandoned those of us who cannot or will not run the bloatware that is Vista or Win 7?

Has CCF ME become an elistist browser for diehard MS fanbois? The world wonders.

CCF ME: "All your CPU cycle are belong to us."

Anonymous said...

If users of WinXP can install the VC2008 runtime and therefore make use of this amazing development in fast and beautiful browsers, then you should (at the very least) provide a link to the runtime, or include it in the download (people do include bits of it in other projects, as they quickly ditch making the entire runtime a requirement - now there's an idea).

CCF ME: "The developer's browser."

CableGuy said...

Great browser. I like the new titleless window design. But in this version I can't resize the window with my mouse anymore.

Anonymous said...

Running XP and don't have VC2008 runtime installed. This browser works like a dream, the best i've used.

turkish said...

can't resize window,how gonna do that??
I want to see my system tray

anyway thanks hao

Anonymous said...

If the developer says that we need the VC2008 runtime for v0.092, but it runs for some of us anyway, then either the developer is wrong or some of us have installed bits of VC2008 as "loose" *.dll files along the way and "got lucky" with CCF ME v0.092.

I think that the developer is right, but that he needs to bundle the *.dll files we need or provide links to them. Why should we have to install the complete runtime? And where is it, anyway? And why do I want MS nosing around my HDD?

CCF ME: "Run it? Not on your OS, you won't."

Anonymous said...

I think there's a little error with the adblock part.

Options -> Adblock Options -> luamacro Error: "lua\autoload\adblock_propertysheet.lua167: C:\Prog [...] hostperm.1: No such file or directory"

Otherwise a very nice browser.

Paste&go + Paste&search
Autoscrolling like Firefox (hold middle button/release hold versus clicking middle button twice in this browser)

Richard said...

Excellent very nice!(' ',)

Hao Jiang said...

Actually this new 0.092 build is built with VS2008 at MFC Static Build, so it won't need the user with VC2008 runtime installed on their machine.

The previous build (0.091V2) is built with shared MFC libirary setting which cause the browser needing the VC2008 runtime.

revathykumar said...

This Browser is really a beauty with Speed.
Thanks for making browsing quick and easy.




turkish said...

sorry for my hurry comment!resize function is working properly after title bar mode but how can we have larger adress (url) bar?

Hao Jiang said...

You need to unlock the toolbar to change size of every toolbar content

turkish said...

I am blind today?? thank you hao
now I can say that this version is amazing

Anonymous said...

Hao -- Thank you for answering re: installing the VC2008 runtime. Will give v0.092 a test drive now; still using v0.09 final at the moment.

CCF ME: "Speed, beauty and grace...without the bloat."

Anonymous said...

Still cant run it. Same crap.

Anonymous said...

Also still unable to run it, I have the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable installed as well:

Keep getting a crash regarding gklayout.dll when starting.

Full error signature is as follows:

AppName: k-meleon.exe
ModName: gklayout.dll
Offset: 0004a8ed

Anonymous said...

AppName: k-meleon.exe AppVer: ModName: gklayout.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00049a05

Anonymous said...

A piece of junk. Not recommended. Cant run.

Anonymous said...

still got something need to improve

Anonymous said...

What is this? Death by a thousand cuts? Why should I have to download and install a new program just to unzip this alien format (*.7z)?

This is a Windows program! The developer must provide either *.exe or archived files compatible with UltimateZip, WinZip, etc.

Nothing else will do. Not ever. Resolve this issue, please!

CCF ME: "Jumping through hoops!"

Anonymous said...

Fine. I downloaded and installed the vastly superior 7-zip program, just to have the privilege of using the latest and greatest CCF ME.

We will see what happens next, after I finish editing, copying and replacing all the files you said not to touch. Hah!

CCF ME: "Easy updates are for other browsers!"

revathykumar said...

Kind Attention: HAO JIANG

A number of websites still need IE only.No doubt these sites can be opened with IE tab addon.

The URL address of such sites (needing IE)through IEtab, when copied and added as favourites (in the favourite bar) work very well.
However, when the very same URL address( obtained through IE Tab)
is copied to speed dial window,the site is not getting opened.Why?

Can anybody suggest me a solution?


Anonymous said...

With the tab bar back where it belongs, and the K-Meleon throbber restored to its corner, v.092 looks and runs GREAT. BEAUTIFUL.

I admit it: Hao, you're the man! ^^)

Why do wish to deprive us of the throbber anyway? Chasing Chrome and Safari? Why? That's a death-spiral in the making, IMO.

Builtin skins still suX0r, so I use Mango.

CCF ME: "Easy upgrades are for other browsers!"

Anonymous said...

Runs great on both my work and home PCs. I've set it as my default browser, it's just blazing fast!
I don't have any issues of all these naysayers. If you want to see a real piece of crap, just type "iexplore".

Anonymous said...

Well I just tried it on another system and it works!

There were no gklayout.dll errors and the only thing on that system which is relevant to K-Meleon CCF is the VC2005 and the GTK+ runtime file (installed alongside Pidgin).

I thought it may of been the GTK+ runtime files but I installed that as well and it still won't run on my laptop.

Anonymous said...

On the other system its a Windows XP and SP2 slipstream install with SP3 installed after and on the laptop its a SP3 slipstream so don't know if that's got anything to do with it?

I noticed in my Add\Remove programs that there are two VC2005 runtimes one is 4.48MB and the other is 5.21MB.

If I install VC2005 on the laptop first and then VC2005 SP1 it will remove the original old VC2005 files so not sure whats going on there...

Anonymous said...

Great browser. But I would really like to see a sidebar for the favourites! There were versions of your distribution with a side bar I remember.
Right now there is the option "View->Sidebar" but nothing to click.

Johnny A said...

SSL has some issues for 0.09 builds, I can't seem to be able to reload while in SSL. This isn't an issue with 0.08 builds but certainly in 0.09 builds I hope it will be fixed soon.

Anyway it looks good thanks for continue developing this browser.

Anonymous said...

bug: setting cookies to site-only breaks speeddial display.

Georgina said...

A great deal of worthwhile data for me!