Wednesday, March 04, 2009

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.093

[Release Notes]

+ Boss key function added (Alt + `), when pressed browser window will hide/show itself.
+ Customized search added. Search engine for searchbar can be edited in preference->search tab
+ oGet updated
* change behavior for the maximized button for several taskbar position conditions
* Fix one bug in menu item associated with adblock plus
* Fix some https:// website not accessible bug. (not all of them)




Anonymous said...

Could the Close button be make to appear on each tab so that closing is more intutive.

and the add New tab button be make to appear just by the side of the right most tab.

and I LOVE it and it looks like it is the FASTEST browser.

Anonymous said...

Boss key function do not work for laptop, can we have (Alt + =) to activate it too ?

Hao Jiang said...

Close button on each tab can be set in Preference -> Display

revathykumar said...

Thanks for the new version.

Whenever new versions/updates are introduced, it may be made possible to copy the settins made earlier including speed dial,IE Tab settings.
Such facility do not seem available now and every time an upgadation is made,settings and web addresses in the speed dial have to be fed again and again. (If I am wrong, I may be guided suitably)

otherwise, the browser is very quick.


Anonymous said...

Boss Key function should be ( Alt + ~ ) not (Alt + `)at least for laptop.

Anonymous said...

i cannot use oget to download file pls fix it

Anonymous said...

[1] Boss key (alt+`) works on my Toshiba Satellite laptop, so it's obviously not all laptops. ;-)

[2] Customised search is a must-have: Clusty and I thank you! :-)

[3] Any possibility of private browsing? The pref.js file retains session history even if commanded to delete via menu functions; I have to manually cycle the browser or edit the pref.js file, but Safari does not make me jump through hoops like this. :-(

CCF ME: "Tough love, but my browser of choice."

Anonymous said...

Still cant run on my 2 computers with xp and vista. A crap. Not recommended.

Hao Jiang said...

If you don't like session plugin, you can totally delete it from kplugins folder or you can disable session plugin from kmeleon.js in defaults\pref folder

Anonymous said... is a webkit alternative Open Source Browser.

Anonymous said...

Hao -- Thanks for the tips re: the sessions plugin! ^^)

-- Would be nice if this functionality could be toggled from within the browser menu, eg., under preferences.

-- We have a "boss key", but no easy option for private browsing?

What say you?

john said...

A little tricky overwriting 092 and still maintaining the 'controls', ie everything at the top. Still, the lack (option now) of the title bar is just fine by me. Oget works fine if you point to the exe.
BTW-dooble is a joke-can not render flash nor does it have a single solitary option-downloading didn't even work. It did load this apge in record time however.
This IS THE BEST browser known to man. Thanks

turkish said...

thanks hao ccf ne is great
nothing to more

Anonymous said...

I have a dial-up (I know, I can hear the chuckles) but I've been trying to turn off the images using the Privacy setting found in Preferences but I can't seem to get them to turn off.

I got images to turn off once but I have not been able to duplicate whatever it was that I did.

I am using a Toshiba laptop with Windows XP.

This version is the best yet!

Byaryoga said...

Yes, the "Do not load images" option occasionally doesn't works. It seems that K-Meleon failed to set the permission.default.image preference value in prefs.js to 2 (load image is 1, do not load image is 2). I have this problem with 0.88 too, but sometimes it works.

Set the value yourself by editing prefs.js might solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Byaryoga, but that's way beyond my computer expertise.

What I see happening is I set the "Do not load images" hit ok and if I were to re-open the Privacy menu the filled-in button is unfilled again, in fact, all three buttons remain unfilled (or unchecked).

Well, perhaps the good Mr. Jiang will find a solution in his next update.

Very fast browser especially for sites you frequently visit.

Anonymous said...

SSL is still buggy, hope to see more fixes. Recently tried reload a SSL site and it won't reload, returning back to 0.008 builds.

Anonymous said...

Cant run it. No error message, nothing. Funny browser. Please Hao Jiang make a flash game or anything else just not browser. :D

Anonymous said...

Hao --

Not complaining, only pointing out facts wrt. my fave browser, CCF ME: while its get better *overall* with every other release, CCF ME is also *losing* functionality compared to earlier versions.

Three (3) examples:

[1] browser no longer groks phpBB auto-coding of BBCode when posting on phpBB forums (via the forum's builtin GUI) -- BBCode must now be hand-coded;

[2] on certain sites, eg., phpBB forums, browser frequently ignores mouse/trackpad movements/commands, forcing a CTRL-ALT-DEL to restore normal function;

[3] browser no longer displays suggested terms in youtube search -- these strings are provided by youtube automagically as text is entered in the search box;

Is this the future, or only temporary?

CCF ME: "Two steps forward, one step back".

Anonymous said...

Seems for SSL there is an issue with reload the site, if initially it shows "Failed to Connect". For "Failed to Connect" not SSL, the reload button works and will reload but for SSL it doesn't seem to work.

I am behind firewall I sometimes face this issue so I just click reload the urls I go to. said...

I'm waiting the next version.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hao Jiang.

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.093 worked okay with most HTTP sites. FTP sites (using FTP:// protocol) don't work as this version can't display them. Try to fix this in the next release of K-MeleonCCF ME.

revathykumar said...

When a message in yahoomail inbox is clicked for opening,all messages are getting opened automayically,one by one.

The problem is not faced in other browsers when opening Yahoo mail.


Jinn said...

Hao Jiang,

Please fix https bugs, I wish to use your browser as main browser. Only thing stopping me is https bugs.


Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I have just noticed that the tabs in my browser (v0.093) do not look like the ones on display here. Those tabs are rounded and have an attractive visual style applied to them. The tabs in my browser have sharp edges and no visual style at all, only an unattractive gray hatching. This effect is independent of any skins I select.

Does anyone know why this is, and better still, how to get the tabs to display correctly?


Anonymous said...

Webmail Yahoo ; write no working ???

John D said...


0.093 the List Links & Page Links no longer works. I hope you can fix this. Thank You

Stel said...

Nice work on KmeleonCCF 0.09x Hao Jiang. It still a bit buggy with some things not working right, but overall I would say its going great :). Https still have issues for example.

I hope to see more bugs being fixed before I migrate from 0.08x builds.

Cheers. Thumbs UP!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Webmail 'Classique' . write is ok .

J'ai pas tout compris , peut-être des problèmes avec Web 2.0 , je n'ai changé aucune options , l'essentiel est que cela fonctionne .

K-MeleonCCF is very nice and fast light .

from Paris

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Thanks for this great browser. I just installed 0.093 (unpacked it basically) and it starts up in Chinese. How can I switch back to English?


Hao Jiang said...

0.093 is in the additional download file in the link

Anonymous said...

Maximize Window doesn't work for me. BTW, is this the right place to report bugs?

revathykumar said...

Dear Hao Jiang,

I down loded file K-MelonCCFMEO.094CN.7z

and opened the browser.Everything is displayed in Chinese and I am not able to adjust the settings and complete the configuration.

Will you please guide me,


Anonymous said...

Gklayout problem all the time....

It sucks..