Tuesday, November 01, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Beta2

[Release Notes]

Based on Dorian's latest K-Meleon.exe which has many fixes.


Coming soon ...


maty said...


You are a "bad boy". Beta 2 -> I will translate to spanish (I was translating Beta 1! ).

Whato do you think about Flock?
Blog functions Flock -> K-MeleonCCF?

PD: Are you happy with Emily, until? :P

Anonymous said...

ne1 know what happened to kmelon forums ? Pl reply here - thanks !

kmeleon user

Hunt and Fish said...

Man there is alot of comment spam I have noticed. Is there any way to remove it from the blogs?

Brian said...

That's great... CAN'T WAIT!