Friday, November 11, 2005

K-MeleonCCF ME 0.046 English/Chinese Version

[Release Notes]

From the latest Dorian's fixes:
* Add: Cookies, images, popups permissions editor.
* Fix: Memory leak in toolbar plugin
* Fix: Memory leak in MRU list
* Fix: Memory leak in GetMozillaSessionHistory
* Fix: GDI leak in the findbar.
* Fix: Using new image pref.

* Fix: Image permission should work now
* Fix: F9 Toggle images work



[Chinese Version Download]


[Trouble Shooting]

If meet problem of missing mfc dlls, please download this package:


Anonymous said...

Hi, great work! It is really good that you are continuing on the original k-meleon browser.

I have some bugs to mention:

- a new bookmarked page does not show up when the bookmarks window is already open

- when bookmarking a page you can not choose in which folder to save/sort

- How can I use a search engine. There is no option to start a search

- Favicons are not shown in the bookmarks although it is activated in the options


- How about a possibility to choose if bookmarks should be imported or if k-meleon should directly read (and write to) IE-Bookmarks

- super drag and drop support to increase the useness

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Great work !!
Kmeleon rulez !

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