Monday, November 28, 2005

K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Beta2

[Release Notes] (From Beta1)

+ Session Plugin (Experimental, disabled as default)
+ Lua Macro Plugin
+ New Search Function using Lua Macro Plugin (support unicode)
+ Google
+ Baidu
+ Wikipedia
+ Merrian-Webster
+ Groups support via Lua Macros Plugin
+ Full tab support
+ Full favicon support
+ Bookmark sidebar
+ Sidebar API
+ Latest Seamonkey 1.1a engin (Gecko 1.9a)
+ Pac file ad filter support
+ New image block in preference
+ Full anguage.cfg support (Easy translation to many languages)
+ Cookies, images, popups permissions editor
* IE engine support
* Aggreg8 RSS included
* Many core exe fixes from Dorian




Michael said...

Thank you!!

Be well......

New York

Brian said...

Keep this skin (Nuvola) as the default. It's very nice. Definitely keep it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, besides the unconfortable bookmarking options (IE Bookmark feature too) I have now an other problem. When I click a link with the right mouse button and then choose to load in background the site does not load and therefore is not viewable in the new tab. Only when I hit refresh at the new tab then the site loads again and is viewable.