Friday, November 04, 2005

[Release] K-MeleonCCF ME 0.045 English Version

[Release Notes]

* Fixes from Dorian's Latest K-Meleon.exe
- Fix for BUG #547, #621, minimized window showing up after loading a page, and improvement of the lang parser.
- Fix from 1.0b and fix for popup windows not closing correctly or crashing the browser.

* Latest Gecko 1.9a1 engine
* Some fixes in chrome and xpt
+ no-ads.pac filter file added



Brian said...

Oooh... K-MeleonCCF ME 0.045 :-D. ME like! Haha.


Brian said...

I know this isn't the right place to file a bug report, but I couldn't find any other place.
There's a conflict between the Bitmapped Menus plugin and the IE Favorites plugin that causes K-Meleon to crash when the favorites menu is opened up.


Bill said...

The link led to a UM error page.